Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It turns out that even an in-town move is a big project. With four growing children (their clothes take up more room as they grow, especially the jeans!), it was time to consider moving out of our easy-to-clean 1000 sq. foot home. A house in a desirable location became available, and it was in our price range, provided we purchase it via lawyers (it never got listed, so we were able to take 6% in real estate agent commissions off the price) and accept it "as is".

Well, the "as is" part has been challenging (no bathing facilities are functional at present), but the location really is worth the hassle of moving all our stuff. Stuff. To quote Helen Parr, "Why do we have so much junk?" We don't like having had to move all these things that we haven't used for years. Why spend time cleaning around and storing things we never use and don't enjoy? Maybe someone else will want them. Now that we actually have a garage, we are seriously thinking of having a garage sale.