Friday, May 11, 2012

Side Effects

Warning: Constantly getting animal books from the library and showing your children nature videos can result in comments like this from five-year-old daughters:

"If I didn't have any hair, a mate would not be attracted to me."

Plumage, bangs, it's all for a good cause...eventually....don't grow up too fast, dear.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I live in Colorado, and we have crazy weather here as well as high altitude and low rainfall this year. Last year I had a horrible yard and garden, but this year I'm not pregnant and I am ambitious to make some of the yard productive.

Yesterday, we planted grapes. Three grape varieties - Concord, Edelweiss, and Himrod grapes. By faithful watering this year, I hope to harvest yummy grapes for years to come. 

Besides sunflowers and marigolds for attractiveness and bug concerns, we're going to plant pumpkin, squash, basil, and some other vegetables. Unless tomorrow is bad weather for it, I'll let the children plant their seeds in their individual garden beds tomorrow afternoon. 

Here's hoping our gardening efforts pay off this year. There is nothing like growing one's one garden in problematic soil and Colorado weather to make one appreciate modern agriculture and the trucks that bring its products to nearby supermarkets. A locavore in Colorado would have a hard time.