Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some random fun

Even when there are holidays and snow days for the local schools, I have my children do their home school work. That meant that last week they had five days of learning while their friends had just three. Dd8 was starting to give off a "put-upon" vibe, and I was getting weary of the taskmaster role, so yesterday afternoon, I made them a little "clue-chase" for no reason except to show them I love them and I'm not "all work and no play". These were the clues:

Clue #1:
To find where Number 2 is hid
Look under a bear that is pallid.   
[This led to dd6's favorite teddy bear.]

Clue #2:
Tigers have stripes just like the wall
By the drawer in which Clue 3 did fall.

Clue #3:
Number 4 is not in the land down under,
But Sydney says it is resting beside her.   
[Sydney is dd6's betta fish that she got for her birthday recently.]

Clue #4:
The globe downstairs points to the hiding place
Of the next-to-last clue in this clever word race.

Clue #5:
Now up, up stairs to your parents’ closet
Is a teeny-weeny present for you red-headed set.  
[Oops, should have double-checked that one for grammar....]

[A little travel chess game that I'd been keeping for them when they got bigger. I guess they're "bigger" now.]

On a side note, I made sure that my clues rhyme. I don't think much of poetry that doesn't even try to rhyme.  Rhymes simply flow better and are easier to remember, while "modern", non-rhymed poetry (esp. that created in school) seems the product of wanna-be visionaries seeking shortcuts to the imagination via awkwardly disjointed prose.

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