Monday, July 29, 2013

Third Grade Testing Results

I finally retrieved the test results for dd8; she took the CogAt/ITBS as a third grader a few months ago. The results: she excels at science and problem solving, still hates basic math operations and so struggles to do them quickly, and has a solid foundation in basic language arts skills. Oh, and she doesn't listen very well ( we needed a test to tell us that...why listen to her parents when she has more interesting things going on inside her head?).

No matter how many times I point out that she'll be hindered in her scientific pursuits by her poor calculation skills, she still finds math facts boring and oppressive and doesn't want to apply herself to learning them. In the two weeks left before formal school starts, I'm going to find a video game that she loves and that will firmly fix basic arithmetic facts in her head! I need a game with the Kratt brothers or cute baby sloths or wild felines; she doesn't care about fairy tale scenes or space invaders. Anyone know of a game that would fit the bill for us?

Update: My husband has a work-provided iPad that he often brings home at night, so I downloaded some free apps for her to use in this never-ending quest to not hate math facts. She has to play them for at least an hour a day for the next two weeks. Poor child, I know.

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