Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Is Icumen In

We are having lovely weather in Colorado today! Of course, we'll probably get hit with freezing rain in June for it, but that's the price we pay for living at the foot of these glorious mountains.

Dd6 and dd4 are contentedly listening to Magic Tree House audio books while they read along in the paper books. When they're done with that, we'll head outside to do yardwork. Actually, I'll do yardwork, and they'll dig holes and plant flags in piles of dirt.

Here is an update on homeschooling:
1) We have reached 132 official days of an average of 4 hours of instruction; 40 more such days, and I don't have to keep records again until the 2011-2012 school year! I will keep some records just for my own purposes, of course.
2) Reading is going very well for both dd6 and dd4, who has benefited significantly from overhearing dd6's lessons. Both love to sit down with a book on their own and read (using a flexible definition of that word for the younger child).
3) Dd6 is over halfway through 1st grade math and understands all the math principles well. She still hasn't memorized her addition facts adequately, and it's slowing her down. Maybe I should make some silly poems for her to serve as memorization helps.
4) Dd6 initiates many crafts, art projects, and science experiments. Library videos and books have been invaluable resources for her.
5) We just started doing formal narration today. Inspired by a book on Charlotte Mason's education philosophy, I found an early reader volume of Aesop's fables and read the first fable, "The Wolf and the Goat", to dd6. She struggled a bit to retell the story in her own words, but seemed to enjoy doing it. I look forward to doing the entire book with her.
6) We just reached the Anansi the Spider stories in Volume 1 of The Story of the World. There are some very cute versions of Anansi stories on YouTube.

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