Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rapunzel, Unschooler

We just checked out Tangled from the library recently and watched it five or six times in the week that we had it. I was quite amused to realize that Rapunzel is an unschooler.

She spends approximately seventeen years living in a tower with only her unkind "mother" for company. Of her own volition, she reads the same three books repeatedly and fills her free time with science, art, music, physical exertion, and homemaking activities. She never says she is "bored"; her discontent with being in the tower is that there is so much more she wants to learn and experience beyond the tower walls.

When she finally leaves the tower, she remains focused on seeking out new knowledge and experiences. Of course, she also does so while exhibiting amazingly good people skills (seriously, EVERYBODY loves her right away) and fighting abilities. One worry people often voice about home-schooled children is that they will not be properly socialized and won't be able to handle unpleasant people in the "real world"--apparently the Disney writers don't share that worry. :)


  1. I noticed this about Tangled as well. It was my favorite aspect of the movie. Such a wonderful story! And it is amazing how socialized she was in spite of being locked in a tower for seventeen years with only her "mother" to socialize with. :o)

  2. As a mom of two girls, I am required to have a "favorite princess" - and I have to admit that Rapunzel has knocked Belle out as my "favorite princess" - still gotta love Belle and her love of books, but the unschooled, always busy Rapunzel is even more fun! My least favorite is Ariel - such disrespect and bad decision making. I think perhaps I've thought about princesses too much!