Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Still here

Morning sickness has hit. Tomorrow marks 9 completed weeks of pregnancy. I am frequently nauseated and throw up nearly every day. I don't have excess energy for non-essential things like blogging right now. However, I do have a tip that I can't believe is working for me right now: Banquet frozen entrees. I generally abhor "TV dinners", but my dad--a retired physician--recommended I try the Banquet frozen entrees. They're just the right size and mercifully soft and bland. Each entree provides me enough protein and carbohydrates to fuel me through a few hours but doesn't make me queasy or overfill my stomach. I told my husband that I'm eating "old people food"; seriously, the meat is so soft that I could chew it with just gums. Oh, well. I can swallow my pride and eat the mushy, starchy TV entree...the important thing is that I can swallow the food and keep it down!

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