Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ecuador Week

In case you were wondering about the two most recent posts, we were just learning about Ecuador last week. Llamas hail from the Andes, part of which runs through Ecuador, and Panama hats are from Ecuador, despite the misleading name.

Here's a summary of what we did during our Ecuador Week:
  • Read/watch library books and DVDs about Ecuador
  • Find a llama (surprisingly easy to locate in Colorado nowadays)
  • Culture: Invite an Ecuadorian-American couple over for dinner (I made seco de pollo and cured my own red onions in salt and lime juice for the salad!)
  • Food: Cook empanadas de pina, arroz colorado, and arroz con leche (this website is a great resource for Ecuadorean cooking)
  • Craft: Braiding hair, learn about Panama hats, make little figures out of migajon clay (white bread and glue) and paint them
  • Sport: Soccer with cousins
  • Music: Sing anthems of Ecuador and Guayaquil, make and play an antara flute
  • Religion: Tour the interior of a Catholic church
  • Netflix: Man vs. Wild (2.05), Voices of the Andes

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