Monday, July 8, 2013

Russia Week

We finished "Russia Week" on Saturday. Here are some of the things we did to learn about Russia:

  • Library books and DVDs about/set in Russia
  • Netflix: The Hunt for Red October, Peter and the Wolf (animated short film), Space Dogs, Michel Strogoff (cartoon), Man v. Wild (2.08, 2.09), Happy People: A Year in the Taiga, Fiddler on the Roof
  • Color Russia map and country flag
  • Do Highlights puzzle book about Russia
  • Crafts: Matryoshka paper dolls (from this website -, flower garland headbands (finally found a use for my wedding bouquet!)
  • Sport: Ballet (we have a DVD that shows a short ballet lesson geared toward small children)
  • Food: Lox/cream cheese on bagels, pelmeni (I cheated and used frozen pirogis), cabbage and pickled beet salad, Polish chocolate (similar to Russian), rassolnik (barley-potato-pickle-broth soup), jello with sour cream in it, berry juice blends, rich Russian cake (the buttercream frosting had a pound of butter in it!)
  • Music: Listened to many Russian folk songs
It was a great week! Since the U.S. Independence Day fell during Russia Week, we made red-white-and-blue flower garlands and watched The Hunt for Red October; I was struck with how different a world we live in now that the Cold War is over and Lithuania (home of the Red October's defecting submarine captain) is an independent country.

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