Thursday, November 3, 2016

Learning to conduct

I was asked to be a church choir director a month ago. In my church, we have a lay ministry where we give our time freely in positions as we are called upon to fill them. The choir rehearses most Sundays for about 45 minutes and includes everyone from beginners and children up to very talented instrumental and vocal musicians. And yet, it doesn't actually have many people.

My mother taught me how to wave my hand around in a 4/4 pattern when I was around 11 years old, but she never taught me about ictus, how to bring in singers, or how to cut off a note. She put me in voice lessons with a professional opera singer back when I was in grade school and singing Shirley Temple songs, so I can produce notes well enough. Unfortunately, I am now expected to NOT sing and instead focus on teaching others to sing and directing them appropriately. Thankfully, there are YouTube videos available to help. Here is a good one on ictus, in case you're wondering what that is:

Wish me luck at this directing gig! (I'm going to need it.)

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