Thursday, December 15, 2016

Update on molybdenum for migraines and nausea

Friends and family are starting to spread my hypotheses about molybdenum around. My father-in-law a few states away gave a bottle of molybdenum to a young woman that suffered from migraine-related nausea recently. He emailed me two days ago to say that she used molybdenum twice and it resolved her migraine-related nausea. Unfortunately, he forgot to ask her whether it helped with the migraines, too, although when I asked him, he said that she isn't currently suffering from a migraine. (If you want someone interrogated right, you've got to do it yourself....)

A local friend had her youngest child come down with projectile vomiting from a gastrointestinal virus last week. She gave molybdenum to everyone else in the family, and although others had lower GI tract symptoms, only one other person threw up (it was a teenager, and she stopped vomiting soon after taking more molybdenum). This friend is convinced that molybdenum kept her from ending up with the whole household vomiting.

I should probably keep a running tally of anecdotes of when molybdenum has shown effective for preventing or alleviating nausea and migraines. Here goes:
  • 3 women used molybdenum-rich diets and sulfite avoidance to lessen "morning sickness."
  • 1 woman used molybdenum (supplement) to end motion sickness-caused headache and nausea.
  • 2 women used molybdenum for relief from migraine-related nausea.
  • 3 households with multiple young children used molybdenum to stave off the vomiting due to gastrointestinal illnesses (all have found it's most effective to give molybdenum before the vomiting has begun, probably because it's harder to absorb molybdenum once vomiting has started).
  • 3 women used molybdenum to lessen or avoid migraine headaches (3 different etiologies of migraine headache: old neck injury, menstruation-related, and unknown trigger).
To be objective, I will also keep a tally of anecdotes where molybdenum has not shown any positive effect:
  • 1 teenage girl already suffering from a severe migraine. She took a molybdenum (given to her by a relative of mine), but she still ended up having to go to the hospital a few hours later. (I do not know her or her background, so I have no idea what is causing her headaches.) [Edit on 12/2/2017: My relative says she doesn't know whether the girl actually took the molybdenum. She gave it to the girl's mother and suggested she give it to her for the migraine, but she has no idea if the girl's mother ever gave it to her. So this is not a "no effect" anecdote after all.]

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