Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New slide show on acetylcholine excess and depression

Last summer, I saw an article reporting that botox treatment for wrinkles sometimes results in a lessening of clinical depression symptoms. So I looked into depression and found that research in recent years points to the possibility that an excess of acetylcholine--which, incidentally, botox blocks--could be a root cause of depression. And then last month I was looking into depression again because of the mental health problems facing a friend's daughter and realized that an acidic mouth environment might get in the way of proper breakdown of acetylcholine in nearby regions of the head.

So, I made a PowerPoint presentation giving three basic, safe actions one could try in order to prevent a chronic excess of acetylcholine:

1) Keep the mouth from being too acidic.
2) Garden sometimes.
3) Try a low-choline diet for a few days.

Numbers one and two are good things to do for other reasons, too.

Here is the presentation:

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