Monday, April 27, 2009


Too much! Too much money spent, too much background and foreground music, too much makeup and expensive clothing, too much scenery embellishment, and WAY too much Troy and Gabriela. High School Musical 1 was a delight because it seemed like it could happen in a generic high school. High School Musical 3 was unbelievable and actually kind of tiresome because it felt like everyone was in a theme park already. Sorry, Disney, you made a really lame sequel here.
DH here. I, too, didn't really enjoy the movie. I was glad to see Kelsey get some screen time, but some of the actors looked a little old to be high school students. I was glad to see more of the school roof garden scenery, but disappointed in the music and choreography that didn't include me. I never really felt like dancing or singing along. I was also glad when I went to high school that I never was in a play or musical that a high school student composed. Come on! The best parts of HSM were that people overcame their high school selves and got along with each other. They stopped tearing each other down and built each other up.
And the songs were great fun to sing along with and watch. HSM 3? Too much and not enough at the same time. What were your favorite parts/least favorite parts?

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