Monday, February 1, 2010

Math Slowdown

Dd5 went from doing 3 or 4 math workbook pages (we're using BJU's Math K5) to needing hand-holding to get through just one page. The stumbling block for her is understanding and using numbers over 20. She had gotten used to counting being very easy because she did several small workbooks that never required her to count past 20. Now when faced with counting 30+ little objects, she gets squirrelly and turns to me saying, "Mommy, let's not do this one." Of course, skipping everything that challenges her is not an option, but it is a sign that we need to slow down a little until she's comfortable with larger numbers.

One thing I did to address the issue is write the numbers 1-100 on a piece of paper on our kitchen wall. In the past, while I brushed her hair, we traded off counting numbers until I got through her snarls. But I recently cut her hair, so it doesn't take much time to brush it now. I will have to find other opportunities to count with her. Also, I need to pull down Chutes and Ladders and play it with her a few times this week. Yes, it's a boring game for me...that's just one of the sacrifices a parent makes. :) In the meantime, the next chapter in her math book is beginning addition, so I expect her confidence and enjoyment of math to spring right back.

I love how flexible I can be in response to my daughter's needs. It must be so hard as a schoolteacher to deal with 20-30 children's different knowledge gaps.

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