Thursday, March 15, 2012

One month

Baby is one month old now. She wakes up 3-4 times per night, but I'm getting enough sleep to function properly most days. I do find I often crave carbohydrates for fast energy, though, which is a signal that I'm really not getting enough rest. I'm thankful my husband has been been helping out so much. He's been back at work full-time for almost 2 weeks now, and I'm so grateful he was able to take the time off that he did.

I've nearly gotten back to a normal homeschool schedule with dd7, which is necessary for her. If she spends too many days in a row without doing schoolwork with me, she starts acting up in unpleasant ways because of boredom and lack of stimulation. And that is with part-time school attendance and a house full of library media, books, craft supplies, toys and games, and the computer (with Netflix!). I can tell that unschooling would not work for this child. Lots of time to work on her own interests and projects--yes, absolutely. But never requiring her to sit down and spend some time on parent-chosen subjects in an organized fashion--no way!

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