Friday, January 16, 2009

A Company to Avoid

We are a one-income family, living as inexpensively as possible so that it is possible for me to care for our children at a time when we believe they most need their mother's nurturing hand. We cut corners wherever we can: in a country where even people on government assistance have cell phones, we have basic local landline service and the lowest internet speed available from Qwest. My husband uses pay-as-you-go cards for the cell phone he needs for work.
Last fall we received a flyer in the mail from Qwest with an offer to receive a 12-month free upgrade of our internet service. Who would turn down such a thing? So, we called and requested the free upgrade. November's bill came, and Qwest charged us for the upgrade. My husband called and asked them to correct the bill, which they did. December's bill came on a Friday just before we left town for the holidays, and Qwest had charged us $20.00 for the upgrade. We just checked online, and January's bill shows Qwest charging us $20.00 for the upgrade yet again.
I spent three hours on the telephone this morning trying to straighten things out with Qwest. We were passed from office to office, and the upshot of it is, they will not fix our December or January bill and they will charge us $9.99 for changing our service back to the lower original level. Apparently, the flyer we received was from another office, and since we no longer have the flyer (we kept the order confirmation letter, but that wasn't enough), the several different offices I spoke to at Qwest have no knowledge of this promotion and will not honor it.
So, basically, we're out $50.00 for three months of increased internet speed that we didn't need in the first place. As soon as I can decide on a better option, I'm getting away from Qwest. There are systemic problems with its organization that I don't want to deal with again. Maybe we'll be one of those families with no land line after all.

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