Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thoughts on the Present Congress

I had a book once called Cvltvre Made Stvpid. It was quite a funny book, and I always liked the part where they discussed the U.S. government system. They shortened the First Amendment to simply read "Congress shall make no law." As I reflect on the volumes and volumes of existing federal laws and regulations that even lawyers would rather not parse, I think I would support an immediate cessation by Congress of any lawmaking. At least for a while, until they could figure out which laws are actually worthwhile and being properly enforced and/or obeyed.

Do we really need a law that is going to make it so thrift stores avoid selling items for children? Do we really need people writing tax laws that they're not able/willing to follow themselves? With a recession and rising unemployment, do we really need to go even further into debt to rehabilitate the National Mall, update technology at the State Department (last I saw, State was doing OK in the technology area - what was really needed, at least abroad, was simply more U.S. citizen employees), and expand Medicaid family planning services (not that I'm against family planning, but people can get what they need from a Walmart shelf!)?

Here is one current bill I can get behind. ;)

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