Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bright Blue Fruit Drink?

A home daycare provider in Arkansas accidentally served blue antifreeze to the children in her care, thinking it was Kool-Aid. It looks like the children will come out all right, but it raises an interesting question: Why do we drink such unnaturally flavored beverages? The end of the Associated Press article states:

The toxicologist warned that many antifreeze or windshield wiper solutions have bright colors, which can be mistaken for fruit drinks.

"I think the take-home message is not to have these products in the kitchen or where you're doing any kind of food preparation," she said.

Shouldn't another take-home message be that our food should look like food and not like industrial and automotive chemicals? Not that I'm completely against blue Kool-Aid...the sugar-free version is great for dying your hair temporarily.... :)

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