Friday, March 13, 2009

Shows for Preschoolers

I think I've mentioned before that we don't have a TV. But that doesn't mean I'm against watching shows. On the contrary, I feel we're incredibly lucky now to be able to have easy access to many high quality shows. It's like going to the theater whenever we want to! While I hate the idea of preschoolers watching most TV--it's too loud, especially with all those annoying ads that make them dissatisfied during an otherwise happy childhood--I love to let them watch well-done, interesting shows like "Blue's Clues" and "Hi-5". For anyone who's interested, here's my listing of favorite videos for my preschool girls:

#1 Blue's Clues - Best preschool show ever. Doesn't work them up because of its scene continuity, teaches them courtesy and exploration by example, and is fun! They enjoy the Blue's Clues books, too.

#2 Barbie "Princess" movies - Talented, intelligent princesses solving fairy tale problems set to great music (much of it classical).

#3 Dora the Explorer - Many interesting adventures and related books. Personally, I don't like how she yells so much, but it doesn't seem to be rubbing off on my children yet.

#4 Backyardigans - If you haven't seen the Pie Samurai episode, you have missed out.

#5 Mulan and Cinderella - These are the two best Disney heroines ever.

#6 Wonderpets - Ming Ming is so cute!

#7 Hi-5 - High energy, but doesn't cause hyperactivity. Very important to Mommy. ;)

#8 Barney - My husband despises him, but the songs are upbeat and my children like him.

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