Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today at a church activity for the teenage girls, we focused on the theme of "choice and accountability". A chiropractor/nutritionist spoke to the girls about the importance of taking care of their bodies and eating well, and another woman spoke to them about the importance of dressing in ways that aren't too "approachable" (such a nice way to avoid saying the word "sl--"). Then we provided refreshments at the close--water, vegetables and dip, and chocolate-frosted brownies with sprinkles on top.

Little did the teenagers suspect the object lesson we had prepared for them. The brownies were actually made with a ridiculously large amount of salt. They tasted terrible. The first girl to take a bite of her brownie reacted quite comically; she didn't realize we'd changed the recipe on purpose and quietly made an awful face while complaining to her sister about how bad the brownie was. Some of us adults looked a little too amused at her reaction, and it didn't take long for the secret to come out. Then we brought out a pan of real brownies--not as pretty, but much tastier!

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