Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Eurovision 2016

For a non-political song contest, Eurovision's winner this year was a very political choice. I didn't enjoy the winning song, a Ukrainian of Crimean ancestry singing about Stalin's killing of her ancestors back in the 1940s.

My favorite song was "Loin d'ici" from an Austrian singer named Zoe.

And our family's favorite performance for visual effects was "You're my only one" from Russia.

And the song that left us all laughing for sheer fun and humor was done by the Swedish presenters and paid homage to the quirky things about Eurovision entries. We were delighted to see them invite Alexander Rybak back for it. I really do love a good violin song.

Despite (and also because of) the politics, we'll be watching Eurovision again next year. Maybe someday they'll invite the USA to send an entry. After all, they've invited Australia twice in a row. But I bet they invite Canada next, as long as Canada promises not to send Justin Bieber.

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