Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Submission completed

I finished the article proposing a theory of nausea during pregnancy and how to ameliorate it. I submitted it to an appropriate journal today. This is one of the biggest independent projects I have ever undertaken, possibly the biggest since law school. It feels good to have it done.

As I posted about previously, the nausea remedy worked when I had nausea during my recent anembryonic pregnancy. I did not take the remedy until after the point at which the pregnancy ceased to progress, so I have no reason to suspect the remedy caused the pregnancy to fail. However, my HCG levels were high enough that I experienced nausea and was able to test the remedy (successfully!).

Also, the nausea remedy has been tested--for fun--by my husband, my sister, her friend, and one of my friends. It has shown itself useful in lessening nausea or avoiding it altogether in situations involving gastrointestinal bugs and migraine. I wonder if it would help with chemotherapy nausea? Because that would be wonderful.

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