Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free museum visit today

This morning we spent a couple of hours at the Museum of Outdoor Art in Englewood, Colorado. Not only was it free, but it kept 4 children ages 2-5 quite entertained for the short time they were there. First we visited the indoor gallery which currently displays a collection of paintings all incorporating the same five objects: a spool of thread, a mirror, a glass of water, a yellow moth, and a bone. My favorite was the triptych entitled "Origins" that touched on the controversies surrounding the theory of evolution; the middle frame showed a little girl about to swing blindly at a big pinata in the shape of a triceratops. Then we entered the new multimedia exhibit "Color of Sound" which combined unusual music with changing colors of light projected through the white cloth walls. Since we had the exhibit to ourselves, the children got to dance and pretend to be fish, birds, and plants when the atmospheric light suited such actions. Lastly, we looked at some of the outdoor sculptures; however, the children started to climb on them, so that ended our cultural outing. If you're ever in the southern Denver area, I recommend this museum for a half-day excursion.

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