Monday, December 18, 2017

Another dramatic success for molybdenum in treating a gastrointestinal virus

A friend was sick for about five days last week with a bad "stomach bug." Once we were able to get some molybdenum to him, he got better within a day. We saw him at a gathering on Saturday. In fact, we ate next to his family, and dd13 sat beside him. That evening, I pre-dosed all my children with 500-1000 mcg (depending on size) molybdenum after I realized just how easily they could have become infected, too.

Early the next morning, we heard that his wife had come down with the stomach virus. So, I took some molybdenum to her and then came home and asked my children every couple of hours if their stomachs hurt. Dd13 by midmorning reported that her stomach hurt, so I gave her more molybdenum (about 1000 mcg, if I recall correctly). Twice more during the day, her stomach hurt, so I gave her another dose of molybdenum each time. By the third time, she was reporting that the ache had moved down into her intestines. She slept through the night and never vomited. Whew.

I called the friend's wife afterward, and she reported that once she was able to get some molybdenum down, her vomiting ended. Double whew.

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