Saturday, December 23, 2017

If it took that long to convince him, how long will it take to convince others?

When I first made the connection between molybdenum and less severe morning sickness, I relayed it to a sister who has had very hard pregnancies due to nausea and vomiting. She bought a bottle of molybdenum to have on hand, I suppose in case she became pregnant, though she wasn't planning on it to my knowledge.

Then a "stomach bug" infected her and her husband. She asked me if molybdenum would help with it, and I said I didn't know and she could try it if she wanted to. She hadn't yet begun throwing up, while her husband had. They both took molybdenum (just one tablet each, I think), and she went to bed. The next morning she woke up pleasantly surprised to find that she didn't feel sick after all. She though perhaps she'd been wrong about being infected, but when she ate granola for breakfast, her intestines let her know that all was not normal. Her husband, however, didn't stop vomiting. So naturally he didn't think molybdenum was doing much.

In the intervening 18 months, she and I have learned much more about molybdenum's use for gastrointestinal viruses. It is far more effective at stopping vomiting that hasn't yet occurred, and taking it encapsulated or pressed into a tablet seems to slow down its delivery to where it's needed most in the stomach.

This past week, her husband got another stomach bug. She messaged me last night, saying that I had "made a believer" out of her husband. She pushed him to take molybdenum the day before when he felt like he was getting a stomach bug. "An hour later, he felt pretty good and headed into work. He forgot he started the day thinking it was going to be sulfur and vomits in the next few hours until the afternoon when it crept up on him again, so he took another Mo and he's good to go!"

Approximately eighteen months after his wife was the first one to use molybdenum successfully to prevent nausea from a stomach bug, and he finally believes it. If it took that long for him, I should be patient with everyone else, even if I tire of sounding like a broken record.

[Edited 2/20/2018: She and her husband are now telling me that he didn't actually take molybdenum on that occasion over 1.5 years ago.]

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