Saturday, December 30, 2017

How internal "movies" are shaped depending on who the protagonist is

Many of people's disagreements seem to come from "watching a different movie" in their minds from the one being seen by the people they disagree with. That movie is highly influenced by people's experiences and what they've been told/shown, but it is also shaped by what role the individual person plays in the movie. I think that a fundamental rule of people is that "no one is the villain of his/her own story/movie."

Witness these two music videos done by Alexander Rybak showing the experience of stalking and harassing a love interest. When Alexander is playing the stalker, his actions are cute and kind of funny.

But when he is the one being stalked, he portrays himself as the tortured victim of a person who belongs in a mental institution.

He wrote the second song because he was actually being harassed by a fan, so I know he's not in favor of stalking. That's what makes it even more interesting that he portrayed himself as merely lovably obnoxious when the tables are turned. He undoubtedly had no intention of making stalking look like an OK thing to do, but he apparently can't help avoiding a portrayal of himself as a "bad guy."

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